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Leicestershire RC


New members welcome

The Leicestershire Road Club is always keen to welcome local cyclists who may have thought about joining a cycling club but have always thought they were “not good enough”.

If you are good enough to ride, or just contemplate riding in any of these events, you are easily good enough!

We are a traditional cycling club in that we try to cater for all types of “sporting” cycling, not just racing.

We enjoy a full programme of club activities including a clubrun every week, races for club members only, races open to all other cyclists, social events, and occasional weekends away.

Having celebrated our Centenary year in 2009, you will not be surprised to know we have a tremendous experience of all things cycling and are keen to pass on this knowledge.

Members have achieved racing success at all levels, including National Champions and a double Junior Women's World Road Race Champion and a Junior Men's Madison World Champion !

We are a “Go-Ride” club fully accredited by British Cycling, and as such, meet the highest criteria of organisation and support for our younger riders, who are coached by our own approved coaches.

In addition, because we meet its strict criteria for financial and ethical standards, HM Government has confirmed our status as a “Community Amateur Sports Club” and we therefore enjoy certain taxation benefits.

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